gumbo is dedicated to helping you and your business achieve results.

We work with teams and individuals across Australia to achieve their business goals by developing realistic and actionable strategies.

As a client, you will be provided with the tools, guidance, and support you need to articulate and implement your strategy.

Results driven . Timely . Affordable


gumbo is led by Terry Cumming who has worked with people across Australia for over 20 years, helping solve their unique business challenges.

Terry takes a positive approach to business performance improvement with a clear focus on delivering results.

Working across sectors from construction and logistics to education and retail, Terry has a broad experience that has given him the opportunity to develop strategy and coaching skills to derive the best results for his clients.




Small Business

Small Businesses are the fabric of our Australian economy, but they can't be expected to surge to success from day one. Every good business engages help along the way to achieving their goals, no matter the size. Gumbo Business can assist small businesses by ensuring they are maximising opportunities in their market and getting on track to achieving their goals.

Strategy Consulting and Business Coaching for Small Businesses
Terry helped me step out of my shop and take the time to work on the business itself. He also helped me to see growth opportunities and ways I could achieve them. Having a simple strategy for my business has given me more motivation to take my business to the next level.
— Business Owner (Retail), Regional Vic

Professional Services

Architects, Engineers, Medical Practices .. professionals are experts in their field but many sometimes need a hand with maximising their business opportunities. Gumbo Business can assist by helping formulate a strategy that drives business growth whilst ensuring professionals can remain engaged with their clients and not bogged down in the business.

Strategy Consulting for Professional Services
“I really enjoyed working with Terry. His brainstorming process was fun & he was easy to talk to about my ideas and what I wanted to achieve.”
— Architect, Melbourne


Schools and early-learning centres are key to the success of our future generations, but they are often so busy with everything that modern day teaching requires, that well-defined and achievable strategies can be overlooked.  That's where gumbo can help. Terry brings enthusiasm to fully understand how each and every education environment is different and how to make each one thrive with individuality and long-term sustainability.


Not for Profits

Australians value the not-for-profit sector and its contribution to society. Gumbo Business works with not-for-profits to develop strategies that support their purpose and strengthen their long term sustainability to ensure they can continue to do thier good work for years to come.



Manufacturing in Australia has certainly faced some tough times over the years, but we are seeing a new era of manufacturing in Australia where those businesses with strong innovation and clear strategies for success are succeeding not just domestically but also internationally. Gumbo Business works with manufacturers using principles such as Design Thinking to ensure a value-adding innovation program is in place and aligned with their strategy. 


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